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another night, another town, another shakedown. [Dec. 24th, 2005|01:24 am]
(my tribute/attempt to recreate a generic charles bukowski poem. he's one of my biggest inspirations with poetry and short stories. the man could tell an everyday story and let it flow off his fingertips straight onto paper. it amazed me. still does. so here's to you, old friend.)

tell me i'm crazy...

but i swore she walked through here just the other day.

she made me wanna dance. the crazy dance.

with the wind at her back. who's gonna stop her?

"hello" i say with a sly grin.

she kept about her business. still looking about.

"what's a guy like me gotta do to talk to a girl like you?" i ask, this time a little harsher and with more tone.

she turns and grabs my tie tightly...

"promise me you'll love me forever. then we can go upstairs and fuck."

she was quick at the draw. i liked that.

i tipped my hat and threw the bartender a couple bucks.

and got off the barstool.

lit up a cigarette.

and walked off into the lonely night.
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